Little Prince birthday party "Le Petit Prince" April 18 2010

When I was asked by a friend to make the invitations for his son's 5th birthday party with "Le Petit Prince" theme, by Anthoine de Saint-Exupéry, I've got so excited!

Together we discussed some main ideas and, after that, I started the preparation for it: first of all the invitations. She wanted it to double as a bookmark, so the guests could use it even after the party.

I selected an original illustration of Saint-Exupéry that had only the outline, so I could watercolor it. After the painting, I digitalized it to make the layout and write the texts.

Here are the photos of the final results. During the making process I employed paper and felt as main materials. For the text I used the Little Days font as it looks a lot like the book's.

And the final result is here:

For the party decoration I prepared tags with the names of each snack and treats bags tags. Also I've made some pompoms to decorate the room.

The Little Prince centerpiece and the background illustration were existent pieces provided by my friend.

I got very happy to develop this work! If you are interested about any occasion invitations and tags, you just have to send me an email (Marcia at minois dot ca) and we can talk about it!
Thank you! ♡

Updated on April 10th 2011:

Now I also have  some new products  that I've developed for parties with this theme. They are great for birthdays, baby showers or any event you want with this lovely character. For more details, you can find the items pictures here and here.

Or, if you need some other theme for your party, please contact me!

See you soon! ツ