Handmade gifts made of felt September 18 2010

Hello dear friends!

First of all I would like to apologize for not writing for a long time. After some custom orders that I loved to make, some small health issues and some other contingencies... I'm back! :)

Although I prefer and LOVE everything related to paper I have to confess that I really like felt too. It is a great complement for my work besides being a very versatile and easy to handle material. There are so many artists that do an excellent job using it, like Dani from Moça Arteira or Irma, from Gifts Define as examples. You must see their work!

Now on a different note, getting back to the felt topic soon, these days I bought an interesting book to give as a gift to a very special person, called Listography: Your Life in Lists, created by Lisa Nola. It brings together several topics in list format that help you to create your own biography, with details, experiences, opinions, lists of favourites, visited places... Anyway, a very creative way for you to register your keepsakes and memories for people to know (and/or yourself as all our memories tend to fade away over time!) who you are today and what you've been in the past... Lisa also has listography.com, a website where you can create all kinds of lists, it's really interesting!

Then, thinking about a perfect solution for packaging a fountain pen as a gift (which I would like to send with the book, as part of the gift, so the person can write the lists with it) and send it to a far destination without any damage, I resorted on this material and I made myself a felt pen holder:

It was so easy to do. I used yellow felt that I bought at Des Serres, this cute fabric flower that I found precut  at Emballage Tout (great store, by the way) and stitched it with blanket stitch in order to get a better finish (see here a tutorial video). I'm already thinking about how this project would be perfect as an envelope, so I could develop a birthday invitation to go inside... I'll fondly think about it (and make the project) and I'm going to post it here!
Here, the flower detail:

See you soon!