Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) party: new products! July 02 2011

In this post, I would like to present most of the products that I've been developing with the Little Prince theme, among them party favours, party table decor, packages for candies, decorative banners and thank you cards. There are also some other items, but I'll write about them soon.

Please contact me in case you would like to purchase any of it, I will be happy in answer you! All of these products will also be available soon in my online store.

Now let's see the pictures! :-) I'm sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to centralize all of the new works with this theme.

There are two options for the invitations (both in bookmark format).
Stitched invitation in a light blue felt, with yellow felted stars:

Simpler version of the invitation above. It's the same layout, but mainly made out of paper:

Felt banner, it can also be personalized with names or any wording you'd like to:

Lavender-scented bags made out of fabrics, with a ceramic piece:

Favour boxes and glasses (edible products are NOT included for all these items):

Translucent box with a crown:

Candy glass jar:

Yellow cube for truffles:

Chocolate bars, with two colour options (white or brown):

Glass jar for candies/almonds:

More favour boxes:

Blue box with white polka dots:

Party Favours

Photo frame with felt characters (you can have any of these characters: fox, rose, sheep and, of course ツ, the Little Prince, as pictured below):

Bookplate stickers on a tin can (two versions: with fabric case and a Little Prince ceramic piece or beautifully packaged in a cello bag, with ribbon and a paper tag):

Characters of the book in felt, can be used as table decoration (options: Little Prince, Elephant, Star, Sheep, Rose or Fox):

Cupcake paper toppers, also excellent as table decor and for other candies:

Felt tissue case with character (wrapped  in a cello bag and personalized paper tag):

This was made as a tray cover, but it can be adapted to be used as a festive tablecloth.

Fabric basket:

Felt napkin rings with paper tag:

Thanks you card: