My new website is LIVE! May 19 2014

I am so proud to finally introduce my refreshed logo and brand new website!
Since 2010 I've been using a basic site in a blog format. But over the years, with my dear customers' new needs and desires, I've felt the necessity of a place that could reflect the growth and breadth of my work.
It’s a project I have been working on for a few months now, and there are so much items to include yet, but I felt it was the right time and I am so happy to finally announce this new path!

For this whole new look, I've always wanted something that highlighted the products themselves, and believing in the “less is more” philosophy, I knew that the functionality of simple and clean designs, with lots of white space, would work perfectly for me. But, at the same time, I love everything about colour, it is one of my truly passions and I simply cannot live without it (if you see my house you will agree with that!), so I've sprinkled pops of colours all over the place, with my products and the entire brand itself… And I plan to leave this place more and more merry and colourful, I promise you! ;-)

The new menu bar

The new website is easy to navigate and features four main sections that host all of the collections and make the shopping experience easier: Home Decor, Party, Gifts Ideas and Stationery. You will still be able to personalize lots of items, as usual, specially the party stationery, aspect that I value and think that makes all the difference to any event. Also, I'm adding to my personal handmade creations partnerships with other inspiring artists & designers and handpicked beautiful items to every collection. It's just the beginning, but I am sure it will have the perfect harmony and you will love everything!

ABOUT THIS BLOG: Beyond that, to coincide with the website re-design you will notice that this blog will have a content makeover as well! Besides showing all the new arrivals on my online shop and my personal creations, my new goal is having some new post sections, where I will be able to share with you all things related to decoration & handmade things around the world, special places & stores I love or visited, cute freebies and I'm planning on having a special corner to feature talented & creative artists around the globe. I totally understand that I will never be a professional blogger :-) but my only intention with all of it is exclusively make a collection of everything I love, hoping that you enjoy all the information I'm willing to share!! But more details to come!

I would finally like to add my big THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who, as well as having a full time job himself, is an integral part of what makes up Minois, and has been working tirelessly with me most evenings and weekends over the last few months to put together the new website. I am very excited for the future and would like to thank all of you, my dear customers and readers, for accompanying me along this happy and inspiring way.

If you have any issues or any thoughts on improvements I would love to hear from you at